Rubber Spring For Automobile

Rubber Spring For Automobile

The shape of rubber spring is unrestricted, and it has large elastic deformation. It is easy to realize the non-linear requirement. The effect of vibration reduction and sound insulation is good. Comparing with rubber spring, composite rubber spring has higher linear requirement and heavy weight because of its shape limited by metal coil spring, but its advantages of large load-bearing capacity are not comparable to those of pure rubber spring.
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Rubber spring includes rubber spring and compound rubber spring.

Rubber Spring: It is a kind of high elastomer, which is made of ordinary rubber. The elastic modulus of rubber spring is small, and it has large elastic deformation after loading, so as to absorb shock and vibration. It can be subjected to multidirectional loads at the same time, but its high temperature resistance and oil resistance are worse than those of steel springs. Oil-resistant rubber can be used for special requirements. The product has good vibration reduction effect, small resonance field, long service life, low cost, good cold resistance, excellent air tightness, waterproof, electrical insulation, and is the best choice for vibration reduction.

Composite rubber spring: It is composed of metal coil spring and high quality vulcanized rubber wrapped around it. It combines the advantages of metal spring and rubber spring, overcomes the shortcomings of metal spring such as high rigidity, high working noise, small bearing weight of rubber spring, poor shape and mechanical stability. It has the advantages of higher load and large deformation, better vibration and noise reduction effect, stable operation and short resonance interval.1



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