Standard Rubber Shock Absorber

Rubber shock absorber(Car Rubber shock absorber Mount)is widely used in the field of shock absorption and protection of automobiles.
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Material: The rubber material commonly used in rubber shock absorbers is rubber such as natural rubber silicone rubber EPDM rubber. The corresponding materials are selected according to the specific use environment. For example, natural rubber is non-positive rubber, which is resistant to bending and insulation. EPDM rubber has strong alkali resistance, etc.

Hardness: The shock absorber is based on the Shaw test method, with a hardness of 40 to 90 degrees and a conventional 70 degree.

Qualitative: Natural rubber vulcanized materials are generally stable from -40 degrees to 80 degrees, but can be used from -50 to 120 degrees with excellent materials.

Adhesive: Apply adhesive to the surface of the metal part to ensure the adhesion of rubber and metal during vulcanization.

Tolerance: There is no absolute precision in the manufacturing process. The dimensional tolerance of rubber products is in accordance with ISO3301. As for physical properties, the hardness will have a tolerance of 5 degrees.




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