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EPDM is one of the most widely used rubber materials. Mainly used in waterproof membrane, not more than 150 degrees of steam environment; car water tank, brake fluid seal; acid and alkali resistant environment will be used.
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EPDM rubber O-ring is an O-ring made of ternary propylene rubber. EPDM rubber (vinyl M rubber) is an elastomer with a wide range of applications. E is ethylene, P is diene, M is classified in ASTM standard D-1418. Rubber included in category M has a saturated chain of poly subtype. The dienes used in EPDM rubber manufacturing are DCPD (dicyclopentadiene), ENB (norbornene), VNB (norbornene). Ethylene content is about 45% to 75%. The higher the ethylene content, the higher the polymer content, the better the loading possibility of mixing and extrusion. During the fumigation of the peroxides of these polymers, higher cross-bond densities were given to compare their amorphous counterparts. Amorphous polymers are also treated. Their molecular structure is very influential. The diene content may vary between 2.5wt% and 12wt%.

EPDM rubber is used for oscillators and oil seals; glass runway; radiators, courtyards and installation pipes; pipes; washing machines; conveyor belts; electronic insulation materials. It also uses high-pressure polymer cables, roof membranes, rubber machinery, plastic impact modification, thermoplastics, vulcanized rubber as waterproof media in connection facilities, as oil additives, pool markers, electronic cable connections, RV roof applications.

EPDM exhibits satisfactory compatibility with fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, hot and cold water and alkali, and unsatisfactory compatibility with most oils, gasoline, kerosene, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, halogenated solvents and concentrated acids.

The main physical properties of EPDM are its outstanding heat, ozone and climate resistance. The prevention of polar substances and steam is also good. It has electronic properties. It has the ability to retain light colors. The typical properties of EPDM are as follows. EPDM can be prepared by EPDM polymer with special physical properties. EPDMs are available in the molecular weight range (indicated according to Mooney viscosity ML (1+4)@125 degrees C), ethylene change level, third monomer and oil content.

Compared with other commonly used general rubber or special rubber, the main performance advantages of EPDM rubber lie in the following aspects:

1. High cost performance ratio, raw rubber density is only 0.86-0.90 kg/m3, which is commonly used rubber with light raw rubber density, and can be filled in large quantities to reduce the cost of rubber compound.

2. Excellent aging resistance, weather resistance, ozone resistance, sunlight resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, water vapor resistance, ultraviolet resistance, radiation resistance and other aging properties. When used with other unsaturated diene rubber such as NR, SBR, BR, NBR, CR and so on, EPDM can play the role of macromolecule antioxidant or antioxidant.

3. Excellent chemical resistance, acid, alkali, detergent, animal and vegetable oils, alcohols, etc. Excellent water resistance, superheated water resistance, water vapor resistance; polar oil resistance.

4. Excellent insulation performance, volume resistivity 1016Q cm, breakdown voltage 30-40MV/m, dielectric constant (1kHz, 20C) 2.27.

5. It can be used in a wide range of temperatures, with low operating temperatures ranging from - 40 to - 60 degrees C, and can be used for a long time at 130 degrees C.

Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber is widely used in automotive manufacturing industry. It is mainly used in automotive sealing strip, radiator hose, spark plug sheath, air conditioning hose, cushion, hose and so on. In the automobile sealing strip industry, EPDM is mainly used for its elasticity, ozone resistance and weatherability. Because EPDM has excellent water resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance and weatherability, and is easy to construct, EPDM is mainly used in the construction industry for plastics stadiums, waterproof rolls and house doors. Window seals, glass curtain wall seals, sanitary equipment and pipeline seals, etc.

Use temperature range: - 40 ~ 150

Colour: Usually made into black, you can also color according to the customer's color.

Hardness: Shaw hardness 70 +5 degrees

Abbreviation: EPDM/EP



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