Custom Molded Rubber Mounting For Automobile

Rubber shock absorber, as an important kind of shock absorber, has been widely used in all kinds of machinery, automobiles, railway locomotives, water transport vehicles, aircraft and other aircraft. It can be said that rubber shock absorbers are needed wherever shock absorption and isolation are needed.
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Rubber mounting for automobile are a kind of rubber shock absorbers. Rubber fittings used to prevent or reduce all kinds of vibration and noise generated during the driving process of automobiles. According to its use parts, it can be divided into seven categories: engine series, driving device, control device, front and rear suspension, body, exhaust system and other systems. Its main function is to absorb and reflect the vibration energy produced by the vibration source, and to prevent the resonance effect produced by the vibration wave. It can be manufactured with different rubber according to the need. It is usually manufactured by moulding method.

(1) The shape can be determined freely, and the hardness can be controlled by adjusting the composition of the rubber formulation to meet the requirements of stiffness and strength in all directions.

(2) The internal friction is large and the shock absorption effect is good. It is beneficial to cross the resonance zone and attenuate high frequency vibration and noise.

(3) The modulus of elasticity is much smaller than that of metal, which can produce larger elastic deformation.

(4) No sliding part, easy to maintain;

(5) Small quality, easy installation and disassembly.

(6) Impact stiffness is higher than static stiffness and dynamic stiffness, which is beneficial to impact deformation.





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