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Molding process of silica gel coating. Medium iron metal is commonly used, as well as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, hardware and so on. The solid silica gel can be processed and produced by hot pressing with double-25 and double-disulfide agents. Firstly, iron blocks are cleaned, CL-24 glue is coated and dried, then put into the mold, heating and pressing are integrated.
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The bonding of iron blocks is actually the bonding between metal and rubber. A typical example is the commonly used drum glue wrapping.

At present, the most commonly used method of encapsulation is cold vulcanization field drum encapsulation. The cold vulcanized glue is used to bond the rubber sheet to the metal surface of the drum, protect the metal of the drum and increase the friction between the drum and the conveyor belt, thereby enhancing the traction force of the conveyor belt.

Construction workers need to roughen the metal surface of the drum ahead of time when carrying out on-site gluing treatment. Angle mill and tungsten steel grinding dish are used to roundabout grind the metal surface of the drum. After that, the surface impurities and oil contamination of the parts are deeply removed by brushing cleaning agent.

A layer of metal treatment agent is applied on the surface of the drum, and then cold vulcanizate is applied twice. (It is suggested to use the commonly used two-component, high-strength cold adhesive, similar to imported sk313. Besides the fast curing speed, the bonding strength is guaranteed.) The bonding surface of the plywood should also be coated with a layer of cold vulcanizate (glue). Most of the plates are RIT wear-resistant rubber with semi-vulcanized layer, which can produce vulcanization reaction with cold vulcanized rubber water.

When the glue is slightly adhered to the back of the finger, the plywood is glued to the metal surface, and then the joint of the plywood is sealed.




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