Rubber Footpads For Automobiles

Rubber Footpads For Automobiles

Waterproof plastic foot pad, made of transparent and high quality PVC material, has good elasticity and special anti-skid groove design. It can clean the mud and snow in the shoes, and has good dirt tolerance, so that the water droplets on the shoes will not dirty the rest of the car. The back of the foot pad is designed with anti-skid sucker-type groove, which can effectively prevent the foot pad from sliding freely in the car and ensure the safety of driving.
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Product Details

High-grade: high-quality crystal PVC is used to make special materials for automobile interior decoration, high-quality PVC colloid.

Moderate softness, concave and convex anti-skid waterproof design, long service life. High-grade texture, fine workmanship, accurate measurement, uniform color, dirty resistance, easy to clean. Suitable for cars, business vehicles, SUV off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, etc.

Durable: Carbon plastic unique selection, stable and reliable, continuous bending 10,000 times without fragmentation, use for two years can also maintain the original color, no odor, no distortion, no color, more durable, generally normal use for 3-5 years.

Beautiful: beautiful cushion surface, extremely soft and comfortable color, soft feel, smooth lines, large size and easy to cut, most models are suitable for: 5 cars off-road truck SUV, etc.

Anti-skid: Back anti-skid nail design, can firmly grasp the carpet, prevent sliding! Three-dimensional deep groove support structure, super waterproof, mildew-proof, sand-proof, snow-proof and pollution-proof. It can prevent rain, snow and mud from flowing into the interior floor of the car. It feels comfortable, odorless and does not breed bacteria.




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