Custom Rubber Cup Sleeve

The cups in life are made of glass or stainless steel with fast conduction, and hot drinks are not easy to grasp directly, so there are cup sets made of high temperature resistance of silica gel. The most common ones are coffee cup sets and silica gel sleeves for glass bottles.
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Product Details

Made of high quality silicone collagen material, the material conforms to the relevant safety certification (such as FDA, UL, ROHs); the product applies to the temperature range of - 40 to 230 degrees Celsius, material heat resistance, cold resistance, oxidation resistance, waterproof and moisture resistance, pressure-free, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, skid resistance. The product is soft and comfortable.

Silica gel cup sleeve can play the role of thermal insulation. Anti-skid: The water cup sleeve, especially the silica gel, can effectively increase the friction of the outer wall of the water cup to achieve the purpose of anti-skid. Insulation: Silica gel cup cover can effectively insulate the heat of the water cup after pouring hot water, in order to prevent users from being scalded. Beauty: Silica gel cup cover can be made into various shapes, can design various colors, eliminate the transparent and monotonous characteristics of glass, increase aesthetics. Protection: The silica gel cup sleeve can also protect the glass from wear and tear, and has the characteristics of anti-fall protection.



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