Custom Molded Rubber Oil Seal In All Sizes

Oil seal is a common term for general seals, which is simply the seal of lubricating oil. It is a mechanical component used to seal grease (oil is the most common liquid substance in the transmission system, also generally refers to the general meaning of liquid substance). It isolates the components that need to be lubricated in the transmission components from the output components, so as not to let the lubricating oil leak. Static seal and dynamic seal (general reciprocating motion) are called oil seal.
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NBR,EPDM,FKM,silicone etc


Any Pantone color




Compression molding




Inner plastic bag, outside carton


OEM services, free samples are available

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Product Application

1,Common single lip B (SC)

Generally used for high and low speed rotating shaft and reciprocating movement sealing mineral oil and water and other media.

Ordinary oil seal is used when there is less dust and impurities. When the medium pressure resistance is less than 0.05Mpa, the maximum linear speed is 15m / s, and the reciprocating speed is less than 0.1m/s

2,Common double lip FB (TC)

In addition to the use features of the S-type oil seal, it can also prevent dust.

Ordinary oil seal, with dust-proof lip, can be dust-proof. It is resistant to medium pressure < 0.05Mpa, with linear speed ≤ 15m / s.

3,Spring free BV

Single lip type inner covering framework type rubber oil seal without spring.

Generally applicable to low-speed working conditions, the sealing medium is lubricating ester. Linear speed ≤ 6m / s.

4,Outer skeleton single lip w

,Single lip exposed framework rubber oil seal with spring, thin waist, good follow-up and rigidity.

Ordinary oil seal, used under the condition of less dust and impurities, can resist the occasion of medium pressure < 0.05Mpa. When the rotating axis speed is ≤ 15m / s.

5,Outer framework double lip FW

,The double lip exposed framework rubber oil seal with the auxiliary lip has the advantages of thin waist, good follow-up, high rigidity and good coaxiality.

Ordinary oil seal, with dust-proof lip, can be dust-proof, and can resist the occasion of medium pressure < 0.05Mpa. Speed ≤ 15m / s.

6,Assembled single lip FZ

,The outer framework oil seal, which is made of inner and outer framework assembly and rolling, has the characteristics of high installation accuracy, fast heat dissipation and heavy load.

It is applicable to heavy load conditions under high temperature and high speed conditions, with medium pressure ≤ 0.05Mpa and maximum line speed ≤ 15m / s

7,One way return type right-handed Sr, left-handed DL

There are inclined ribs with angle in the air measurement of the lip. Based on the principle of fluid mechanics, one-way pumping effect is produced with reflux effect.

It is related to the rotation direction of the shaft. Due to the backflow effect, the radial force is smaller than the ordinary oil seal, reducing wear and heat generation, and improving the service life. It is suitable for the occasion of medium pressure < 0.05Mpa, and the rotating speed ≤ 20m / s

8,Pressure resistant NY

The lip is short, the waist is short and thick, with pressure resistance, and the working pressure is ≤ 3Mpa.

It is suitable for medium pressure ≤ 3Mpa and shaft end oil seal of high-pressure pump. In general, PV value ≤ 8. Rotation axis speed ≤ 15m / s

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