Automotive EPDM Rubber Bumper

Automotive EPDM Rubber Bumper

Rubber bumpers help isolate one object from another so that vibrations do not transfer from object to object.
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BRP has worked with innumerable customers to manufacture and in some cases help design custom molded rubber bumpers.  Sometimes an applicaiton is just a little unique and off-the-shelf bumper designs won't fit or won't work.  BRP can help when this is the case.  
Custom molded bumpers can be manufactured in colored rubber, black non-marking rubber, or cost-effective traditional black material, with the correct polymer for the application and exposure.
Consider involving BRP in the design of your bumper.  Our engineers have the expertise and experience to see different ideas that could simplify end-product assembly, reduce component counts, and generally reduce overall cost.
When a custom molded rubber bumper is needed - contact BRP

Custom rubber mold saves labor and cost while enhancing quality

Imagine the contoured edge of a Kevlar safety helmet for military forces. Now imagine covering that edge with an extruded rubber u-channel that comes in 150-foot spaghetti rolls; the material must be cut to length and hand-glued in place. BRP developed an entirely new solution for the manufacturer after a brief visit and some design conference calls, creating a molded rubber cover that exactly fits the helmet edge contours and snaps into place. The result? A significant reduction in labor costs and a higher quality product.

None of the rubber molded parts pictured are in stock or for sale. These are all examples of custom-manufactured products that illustrate BRP's capabilities.




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