NBR Gasket For Seal Made In China

NBR Gasket For Seal Made In China

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When looking for a high-performance gasket, rubber seals often lack the ability to remain durable if an application comes in contact with oils. For these situations, consider using Nitrile Butadiene Rubber, also known as NBR, gaskets.Nitrile gasket material is one of the few rubbers that are particularly resistant to petroleum, mineral, and vegetable oils, as well as some acid solutions and water. These industrial rubber seals are commonly found in automotive, aeronautical, foodservice and sewer applications due to their specialized oil-resistant properties.

General Uses: Many medical professions use NBR sealing to keep their expensive and acutely sensitive equipment tools safe and untainted by common outdoor molecules. Like many rubbers, however, nitrile gasket material becomes less flexible at lower temperatures as the molecules become locked in the glassy state mentioned before.

  • Gaskets

  • O-rings

  • Oil seals

  • Rubber Mats in Kitchens

  • Cable jacketing

  • Gloves

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