Stainless Steel Rubber NBR Bonded Seals/Bonded Seal Washer

Specification: The bonded seal was adhered and sulfurized integrally by rubber ring and metal ring, its a s ealing ring used to seal thread and flange connection , Bonded seal consists of a metal ring and a rubber gasket . Metal ring done antirust processing, rubber ring generally uses oil...
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Product Details

Material & Properties


1) Carbon Steel+NBR/FKM

2) Stainless Steel+NBR/FKM


1) NBR: limit temperature -40~120℃, long term use temperature -20~100℃.

2) FKM: limit temperature -40~240℃, long term use temperature -20~220℃.
Pressure: Can reach 40MPa.

Color: 1) Silver+Black/Brown 2)Yellow+Black/Brown


The Selection of Bonded Seal
1. For the property requirements of wear and oil resistance, you can choose the combination of NBR gasket, the effect is better, the matching is high.
2. For the property requirements of high temperature resistance, you can choose to use a combination gasket of FKM, which is better for high temperature resistance.





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Type: Bonded Seal Washer Application: Sealing thread and flange Supply Ability:50000 Piece/Pieces per Month Packaging & Delivery Cartons or as customer's request. Lead Time:20-25 days


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