Auto OEM Rubber Sealing Grommets

Auto OEM Rubber Sealing Grommets

The rubber grommet usually comes in three shapes 1, through hole, most commonly used 2. Elliptical 3. There is a diaphragm in the middle
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Product Details

Product Introduction

Rubber Grommet, namely rubber cover, rubber cover ring, rubber cover, wire cover are collectively referred to as cover products.It is a kind of rubber materials (natural rubber, nitrile rubber, silicone rubber, epdm, etc.) as raw material to produce a wiring equipment rubber parts, are on the market at present there are about thousands of kinds of industries used to protect the coil, widely used in the electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, sports equipment, furniture, lighting and other fields, because of the performance of the rubber material is excellent, so to the grommet of rubber production of rubber material has better practicability.

The main function of the rubber grommet is that the product is stuck on the metal plate, the middle of the wire, its purpose is to protect the wire will not be cut by the metal plate, play a dustproof, waterproof, insulation, beautiful protection.

Rubber protection grommet because of its simple structure, causing its installation easier, during the installation process without using tools, complete installation can be done manually, the choice and rubber to protect the coil cabinet product size to meet the requirements, with a round face (positive) from inside the machine plate outward pressure can push rubber convenient set out, because of the rubber to protect the coil itself card slot structure and the product has good elastic compression deformation is good, so can fast batch assembly.

Packing list:Carton box,Wooden case,Wood pallet

Scope of application:Applied in building doors and windows, mechanical equipment, mechanical and electrical hardware, glass curtain wall, automobiles, trains, aircraft, shipbuilding and other industries.Auto Spare Parts,Industrial product,Decoration Medical accessories etc.




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