FDA Food Grade Silicone Rubber Ring

O-Ring sare used in sanitary pipeline systems for the Auto, Food, Dairy, Beverage, Pharmaceutical pump, railcars, truck, washing machine
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FDA Food grade silicone rubber ring


Avoid to damage the O-ring during installation, because this will cause leakage. Pay attention to the following:

● The O-ring must not be expanded to its elongation Maximum.

● Edges must be burr-free, angles and radii applied smoothly.

● Dust, dirt, metal chips and other particles must be removed.

● A suitable grease to be applied to the assembly surfaces and O-rings.

● Elastomer materials are made smoother if they are heated in oil or hot water to approx. 80 °C. This makes that it easier to stretch the O-ring for assembly.

● The O-ring should not be rolled over assembly surfaces. Ensure the O-ring is not twisted as it slots into the groove.

2.O-Ring Tolerance Table:





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