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BRP manufactures our bellows using a using a variety of methods to produce long lasting, high quality products in a range of sizes, shapes and configurations. Injection, transfer, and compression molding – Parts can be manufactured with varying wall thicknesses, shapes, sizes, and using a wide...
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You’ve probably used a product with polycarbonate in it today, even if you don’t realize it. After all, polycarbonate is just about everywhere; it’s used in eyeglasses, medical devices, auto parts, lighting fixtures, DVDs and Blu-Rays, to name a few. As a naturally transparent amorphous thermoplastic, polycarbonate’s usefulness is in its ability to internally transmit light almost as effectively as glass and to withstand impacts far greater than many other commonly used plastics. Furthermore, the pliability of the material allows it to be created at room temperature without cracking or breaking and to be reformed even without the application of heat. That’s the “amorphous” element. The “thermoplastic” part refers to the nature of polycarbonate and other similar plastics to become liquid at their melting point, which allows, among other things, for easy injection molding and recycling.

Product Application

Though polycarbonate sheet is prized for its strength and flexibility, its transparency is what allows it take on a variety of applications that similar materials cannot. As mentioned, the usage of polycarbonate plastic is very popular in the creation of eyewear; that’s because it’s lighter than glass and possesses a natural UV filter. Listed below are a few more specific applications that display the capabilities of this extremely versatile material.

Molds for urethane and silicone casting

3D printed models for high heat applications

Machinery guards

LED light pipes and diffusers

Vehicle headlights

Small vehicle windshields

Bullet-resistant “glass”

Phone and computer cases

Fountain pens


    Our Sevice

1、OEM size to suit for customers' requirment

2、Various hardness for your choice

3、Multiple color available

4、Custom logo accepted ( engraved & embossed)

5、Large quantity order are able to be fulfilled

6、Strict quality control system




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