Investment Castings Metal Parts

Customized according to customer needs, comprehensive integrated service, perfect production technology, excellent equipment in the industry, strong production technology, etc.
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Advantages of our company's machining: 1, advanced automatic die-casting technology equipment, deburring, burr, smooth surface, no cracks, 2, high-precision equipment, tapping, drilling, accuracy up to +-0.01 3, more than 50 Polished hands can provide high quality embryos for the surface technology department.

Style:custom according to drawing or sample

Material:Aluminum, steel plate, stainless steel, copper, etc.

Packing list:Carton box,Wooden case,Wood pallet

Scope of application:Elevators, Auto Parts, Video Machinery, Solar Power Generation, Transportation Facilities, Materials Storage and Handling, Building Materials, Electronics, IT, etc.




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