Advantages, disadvantages and applications of high quality rubber seals

- Jul 30, 2018-

  In high-quality rubber seal materials, its heat resistance (decomposition temperature is more than 400 degrees Celsius), oil resistance (various fuel oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, synthetic oil), solvent resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance Well, all the nitrile rubber and urethane rubber can not be used in high temperature environment or special working fluid. Fluororubber can be used as the material of the seal. It is not self-igniting, non-combustible, self-extinguishing in case of fire, and has good physical and mechanical properties. It is the best combination of all synthetic rubbers. It is commonly known as “Rubber King”. Modern industry is one of the indispensable and alternative base materials for high-tech fields.

  The high-quality rubber seals are not easy to master the processing technology, the price is high, the smash is 20 times that of the nitrile rubber, the cold resistance and the water resistance are poor, and the elasticity at room temperature is poor. The cold resistance and water resistance have been developed on the market. The improved fluororubber product, in addition, has better resistance and chemical resistance than the fluorocarbon rubber FFKM, but the price is 10 times higher than the fluororubber. Rubber seals are widely used in defense, military, automotive and aerospace, aerospace and petroleum fields. Fluorocarbon oil seals are also used in drilling machinery, oil refining equipment, and natural gas desulfurization equipment.

  High-quality rubber seals can withstand harsh environments such as high-temperature and high-pressure oils and strong corrosive media. In the chemical field, fluororubber seals are used in pumps, pipe joints, and equipment containers to seal inorganic acids. Substance; in the military industry. High-quality rubber seals are mainly used in aerospace, aerospace and launch vehicles, satellites, fighter jets, oil seals for new tanks, oil pipes and electrical circuit sheaths. They are one of the key seal materials that cannot be replaced in the defense industry.