Automobile Interior Decoration Of Plastic Buckle

- Oct 10, 2019-

Plastic buckles can be used in many situations because of their non-conductive, anti-seismic and non-corrosive, low thermal conductivity, non-magnetic, high strength-weight ratio.In addition, because of its simple structure, according to the use of a variety of plastic raw materials for mass production, and low price, so in the car has been widely used.

1. Composition of plastic buckle: Generally speaking, buckle is composed of positioning parts and fasteners.The role of the positioning part is to guide the buckle to the installation position smoothly, correctly and quickly.Detachable fasteners are usually designed so that when a certain amount of separation force is applied, the buckle will detach and the two connectors will detach.This buckle is often used to connect two parts that require frequent disassembly.Non-detachable fasteners require manual deflection of the fasteners to disassemble the two parts. It is mainly used for the connection and fixation of non-detachable parts in the process of use.

2. Characteristics of the plastic buckle: The buckle is used for the embedding connection or overall locking mechanism between one part and another part. It is usually used for the connection of plastic parts.The biggest characteristic of buckle connection is easy to install and disassemble.Now the fastener connection technology has been more and more applied to the connection of automobile interior decoration.