Characteristics and Application of Liquid Silicone Material

- Oct 23, 2019-

Liquid silicone is relative to the solid high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, it is a liquid rubber, with good mobility, rapid vulcanization, more safe and environmentally friendly, can fully meet the requirements of food grade. 

Liquid silicone English abbreviation LSR, can is a kind of hot products for consumers and manufacturers, liquid silicone is made by silicone products, with good elasticity and waterproof moisture resistance, acid resistance, alkali and other chemical erosion, so generally used in alternative life plastic products, such as silicone bottles is to compare a liquid silicone product selling and popular. 

At the same time, liquid silicone is also the silicone material used for human body surgery. The plastic surgery industry and the physiotherapy industry are inseparable from support. Liquid silicone does not contain any harmful substances and is not easy to deformation.

Characteristics of liquid silicone bottle: 

LSR medical grade silicone is adopted for the bottle body and nipple, and all materials of all components are free of bisphenol A, ensuring safe feeding

1. Non-toxic and harmless: passed the EN test in Europe (whole bottle of baby drinking water appliances), CPSIA certification in the United States (children's products), and FDA certification in the United States (medical silicone). The nipple, like the bottle, is a truly healthy and safe bottle.

2. High and low temperature resistance: minus 20 degrees Celsius to 450 degrees Celsius, stable molecular structure, will not produce harmful substances.

3. Anti-flatulence: the unique single-guide air system design can keep the air pressure balance in the bottle, to avoid the baby inhaling too much air, which may cause flatulence and abdominal pain.

4. Anti-fall: how to break the silicone bottle, to prevent the baby from accidental injury.

5. Soft and light: soft as skin bottle, the baby does not drink milk, gently squeeze can feed milk. Even if you don't use a bottle brush, it will be clean. Light weight folding, easy to carry out.

6. Economic bottle: silicone material can be used for a long time, no need to regularly replace the bottle, only need to replace the nipple.