Characteristics of Plastic Butterfly Valve

- Dec 11, 2019-

1. Simple structure and small size. Because of compact structure, short length, small size, light weight, suitable for large diameter.

2. The fluid resistance is small, when fully open, the valve seat channel effective flow area is large, so the fluid resistance is small.

3. Quick and convenient opening and closing, good adjustment performance, 90 rotation of the disc. Can complete the opening and closing. The flow can be controlled in stages by changing the rotation Angle of the disc.

4. The opening and closing torque is small, because the two sides of the rotating shaft by the action of the medium is basically equal, but the direction of the torque is opposite, so the opening and closing force is relatively less.

5. The low pressure sealing performance is good, sealing surface materials are generally rubber, plastic, so good sealing performance. Due to the limitation of sealing ring material, butterfly valve has a small range of operating pressure and temperature. But the use of hard seal butterfly valve pressure and operating temperature range, have greatly improved.

6. Butterfly valve has a small flow resistance when fully open. When opened in about 15°~70°, and can be sensitive flow control, so in the large diameter of the adjustment field, butterfly valve applications are very common. Because the butterfly valve disc motion with wiping, most of the butterfly valve can be used with suspended solids medium. Depending on the strength of the seal, it can also be used in powder and granular media.

7. Butterfly valve is suitable for flow regulation. Because the butterfly valve in the tube pressure loss is relatively large, about three times as much as gate valve, so in the selection of butterfly valve, should fully consider the pipeline system by the impact of pressure loss, also should consider the strength of the butterfly plate to bear the pipeline medium pressure when closed. In addition, the limitation of operating temperature on resilient seat materials at high temperatures must be considered.

8. Butterfly valve structure length and overall height is small, open and close faster, and has good fluid control characteristics. The structure principle of butterfly valve is most suitable for making large diameter valve. When butterfly valves are required for control flow, it is important to select the correct specifications and types of butterfly valves so that they can work properly and efficiently.