Definition and Functions of Vulcanization

- Jan 17, 2020-

Secondary vulcanization is also known as post-vulcanization or second-stage vulcanization, refers to the rubber products to reach a certain degree of vulcanization, the removal of heat source to continue heating vulcanization process.

In a broad sense, the vulcanization of rubber products to a certain extent, even if it is not heated, it can continue to deepen the vulcanization process under the action of residual heat, or in the process of product storage, or under dynamic cross-linking. Of course, it also includes the process of second stage vulcanization by continuous heating;

The purpose of secondary vulcanization is to improve the mechanical properties and compression permanent deformation properties of rubber products by further crosslinking.

The method of secondary vulcanization is hot air vulcanization in the oven or hot air secondary vulcanization in the curing tank;

Rubber seals or rubber products production units using secondary vulcanization technology to make rubber seal products, technology is changing with The Times, constantly updated, constantly optimized!