EPDM Extrusion Strip Seals for Windows

- Jan 09, 2020-

EPDM extrusion have good elasticity and tensile strength, weather-resistant, ozone-resistant, chemical-resistant and wide temperature range (-40 ℃~ +120 ℃), it is widely used in automotive doors and windows We supply EPDM strip seals in many different designs and profile shapes to meet your application requirements. 

Furthermore, we can produce EPDM foam sponge strip. Due to EPDM  excellent cold-resistant property, it is also widely used in construction/building industry, furniture edgings and marine industry.

The most popular style is rubber U shaped channel section,it is made of EPDM rubber,color black,durometer hardness is 70 Shore A, it has 3 parts:

  • 1.Foam EPDM rubber–sponge hollow bulb parts on the side of or on the top of the U channel

  • 2. Steel clip slice–embedded into U channel section for strong stifness and secure grip

  • 3. Solid EPDM rubber–U channel section

Rubber U channel trim has an excellent weathering performance and can fit for various environmental extremes for a long time services.

Its basic characteristics are:

  • 1. Weather resistance(sunlight,freezing cold,ozone,ultraviolet)

  • 2. Anti corrosion,hard wearing,durable,airtight and watertight

  • 3. Aging resistant,anti impact/vibration/collision,denoise

This kind of flexible trim sealing strip covers a huge variety of usage including vehicles(car,subway/railway locomotives,bus, boat,truck,caravan)and general engineering for decoration and protection.It is easy and simple to install due to its push fitment–just press it on for a snug tight grip.