Hennecke launches machine for PU elastomers moulding

- Sep 25, 2019-

St. Augustin, Germany – Hennecke Inc. has developed a high-pressure machine to mould polyurethane elastomers.

Unlike low pressure machines, the high pressure Elastoline HP machines can save material, according to the company. It also does away with the need to clean with solvents between jobs, Hennecke said.

“It is tricky to design high pressure machine components for hot temperature and elastomer processing,” Frank Koester, sales manager for elastomer metering machines said in a statement.

“For mixing at high pressure, one needs over 100 bar pressure. The energy of the pressure has a a massive influence on elastomer components. Mixing temperatures can be between 45°C and 100°C. At this temperature the mixture is much less viscous than at 20-25°C which is normally used.”

The key to the new development to the Elastoline HP machines is their mix heads. These convert delivery pressure into mixing energy. Three mix heads are available, Hennecke said. Their output ranges from 10cm3/s to 600 cm3/s.

Using the machine, it also is possible to cast into closed moulds. Koester said that the new machine “makes the exact amount of material needed for the production run.”

Those material savings can add up to five- or six-figure Euro sum each year, Hennecke said.

Standard machines are designed to mix two components, with an optional extra component.