How to use rubber airbag

- Oct 30, 2019-

How to use rubber airbags:

1. The rubber airbag is an inflatable product, which is convenient to use and easy to disassemble after use, saving labor time and labor cost and reducing work intensity.

2. The rubber airbag produced by our factory has a high return on investment. Each rubber airbag can be used up to the minimum (round rubber airbag 80 times), (elliptical rubber airbag 70 times), (octagonal rubber airbag 65 times) saving Cost investment. Our factory has many years of production experience. All the rubber airbag products provided have passed the 48-hour pressure-measuring side leakage test to ensure product quality and focus on the brand image of the company and rubber airbags.

3. The rubber airbags are all made of natural rubber and synthetic rubber to ensure the quality of the rubber airbags is stable. To this end, our company provides quality after-sales service, customer return visits, customer technical problems, and even send technical personnel to the customer site to guide. The rubber airbags produced by our company give buyers no worries.

The rubber airbag has been proved by many engineering construction practices that the rubber airbag drilling process equipment is simple, not only saves materials, but also has the characteristics of various shapes, such as circular, elliptical, rectangular, arched, octagonal, trapezoidal, etc. Aperture. It can also be a straight hole, a variable cross-section hole (positive change and ramp change), etc., which can make the building structure light and thin-walled hollow beam plate.