Liquid silicone and solid silicone are the same but there are many differences

- Dec 09, 2019-

1: the difference in form, liquid silicone is liquid, solid silicone is solid. This is very opinionative. Liquid silicone can be processed into silicone products, and the processed products are solid. Products processed from solid silicone are also solid. But we noticed that liquid silicone cannot be obtained by heating solid silicone.

2: the difference in composition, liquid silicone is generally made of silicone oil as raw material, while solid silicone is made of raw rubber.

3: the difference in components: solid silicone generally has only one component, the silicone injection machine, and then add a vulcanizing agent at high temperature vulcanization; liquid silicone often has two components, one of which contains vulcanizing agent; In silicone, the catalyst and the main material are placed in the same component, or the sulfurization reaction occurs only at high temperatures or when it encounters moisture in the air.

4: Different molding methods: solid silicone requires high temperature to react with the vulcanizing agent, and processing requires certain equipment; the molding methods include molding, extrusion, and calendering; liquid silicone does not necessarily require high temperature, and some The reaction will occur at normal temperature, and no equipment is needed. Of course, some liquid silicones need to be heated to react. This liquid silicone molding requires equipment, and the molding methods include injection and pouring.

5: different uses: solid silicone can only be used as silicone products, liquid silicone applications are many, in addition to silicone products, can also be used for molds, bonding, sealing, potting and other purposes.

Scope of application: kitchen supplies, medical supplies, electronic accessories, diving equipment, etc.