Method for processing plastic extrusion parts

- Aug 23, 2018-

  Plastic extrusions are familiar to everyone, because they are often used in life. The main raw material is resin, and most of them contain additives. They are materials that flow and form during processing. Because it is easy to use, it is loved by people.

  Its products can be classified into use or functional classification, chemical composition classification, crystallization degree classification, and heat resistance classification. Plastic extrusion molding process: 1, compression molding 2, lamination molding 3, cold compression molding 4, transfer molding 5, low pressure molding 6, extrusion molding 7, pultrusion 8, injection molding 9, blow molding 10. Casting 11, hand lay-up 12, filament winding 13, calendering 14, coating molding 15, resin transfer molding 16, foam molding 17, overmolding

  The basic characteristics of plastic extrusions are as follows, the quality is light, and the quality of the engineering structure is greatly reduced. The use of plastic extrusions can greatly reduce the volumetric quality and increase the combat load. The reduction of the quality of products such as automobiles can reduce fuel. Consumption), chemical stability, can prevent corrosion and rust (no corrosion and corrosion like metal materials in atmospheric environment and hot and humid conditions) Excellent electrical insulation, excellent wear resistance, friction reduction and self-lubricating The characteristics of the mechanical industry, excellent sound absorption, vibration reduction, impact resistance, fatigue resistance can significantly improve the working environment. The use of modification technology can make up for its own shortcomings, which is the outstanding performance of plastic plasticity.