Mixing rubber instructions

- Sep 06, 2019-

First, the storage period

1. Mixing compound: storage period: three to six months;

2, sulfur mixed rubber compound: storage period: used within 10 days!

Second, open the mill to promote (sulfurization)

1. Before adding sulfur: Please wipe the machine clean to avoid pollution!

2, rubber heat treatment: (When adding accelerator, please open the cooling water of the mixer)

    Inject the first hand (according to the size of the mill, preferably not more than 30 kg) for hot (rolling distance 2-3mm). When the temperature of the rubber material rises to 40-50 ° C, then thinly pass twice to take out about 50% of the rubber compound; according to the principle of adding sulfur after the first addition, add the compounding agent, cut the rubber, roll the film, wait for the thin pass 5-8 times of the rubber material put into the take-off, using the triangle package, the method of winding, to the uniformity of the whole hand. The film is parked for use (recommended parking time: 24 hours).

    Remarks: The above process is determined by the manufacturer itself, mainly to prevent the incorporation of foreign matter, the uniformity of B refining, and the prevention of scorch;

    Tips: According to the demand for production glue plus accelerator, please press 25KG compound, and distribute the accelerator for each small bag to the amount of glue you need to add! So as not to waste the rubber!

Third, the plastic

1. Clean the extruder and screw with the rubber of the same specification;

2, install the filter (recommended ≥ 80 mesh, 2 layer network);

3. When the temperature of the die reaches 60 degrees, the feeding is started, and the die temperature is set between 60-80 degrees to carry out extrusion coating.

Recommendation: The thickness of the extruded strip is between 2.5-3mm.

4, the package is recommended to be packaged once, pay attention to uniform thickness. If the diameter is too large, it is necessary to pack two layers. The first layer and the second layer should be separated from the size of the rubber roller to avoid the wrap.


1. The thickness of the UV plastic glue is 15MM for the later grinding.

2. The thickness of the water roller plastic cover is reserved for 12MM, so as to be post-grinding;

3.The thickness of the ink roller rubber cover is reserved for 10MM, so that it can be polished later.

Fourth, core processing

1. Irregular flowering on the surface of the iron core; (Note: This article is optional, depending on the torque used by the rubber product, the bonding strength/torque of the rubber core is obviously improved)

2. Clean the surface of the iron core with alcohol and dry it;

3, first use the adhesive primer to coat evenly, and then apply the adhesive on the surface after the primer is dry, and dry it naturally. (It is recommended to put the bottled adhesive on two rolls of the same direction and roll it evenly for 1 hour)

4. Place the cleaned iron core on the rotatable fixture and rotate it while spraying evenly with a watering can or evenly with a brush;

Note: A. After handling the iron core, the human hand should not touch the surface of the iron core;

          B. During the flow/drying/placement process, the iron core must be covered with a clean and non-shedding cover;

    Suggestion: Use the adhesive of the Chemlock or Rohm and Haas brand and select the special glue for the rubber type (for example, the nitrile rubber should use the special glue for the nitrile rubber, the special glue for the ethylene propylene rubber for the ethylene propylene rubber), please see the label. On the rubber type, use glue according to the rubber type to avoid unnecessary use and cause unnecessary loss;

Five. Vulcanization molding

Vulcanization conditions: temperature 140 to 145 ° C, time 4 to 5 hours, pressure 4 to 6 MPA.