New Products: Guill unveils two new crossheads

- Oct 14, 2019-

WEST WARWICK, N.J.—Guill Tool & Engineering Co. Inc. has released a pair of crossheads, one designed especially for micromedical applications and the other designed to handle the unique challenges associated with elastomeric compounds.

The Micro Medical extrusion crosshead features fine adjustment screws to enhance the precision concentricity adjustments of 0.008 inches or finer per revolution. One bolt, Guill said in a news release, controls 360 degrees of adjustment.

The crosshead is ideal for for pressure and sleeving applications, the firm said.

The crosshead's patented cam-lock deflector "allows for quick changeovers, with a residence time of one minute at 0.5 lb/hr material flow, optimized usage with extruders measuring half-inch and three-quarter-inch, and a max die ID of 0.250 inches.

The Micro Medical crosshead also accepts both vacuum and micro-air accessories. Fluoropolymer designs are available upon request.

A second extrusion crosshead unveiled recently, the 500 Series, is designed with the flow characteristics and processing challenges of elastomeric compounds in mind.

The 500 Series features a mechanically assisted gum space adjustment system, which allows the operator to make adjustments with a common socket wrench. A visual indicator on the core tube also enables the operator to see how far the gum space has moved, allowing for more accurate and repeatable adjustments, according to Guill.

The flow inlet channels on the product are designed to minimize the shear and heat generated during material processing, allowing the materials to move more evenly through the head because of the reduced head pressure.

Guill also noted that the 500 Series reduces downtime with its hardware-free, patented cam lock design that does not require unbolting and re-securing fasteners during assembly and disassembly.

"Only half of a rotation of the cam nut is required to loosen and automatically extract the deflector from the head body, which is another time saver," Guill said in a news release. "Also, with no undercuts on the deflector, there are no material hang-ups when extracting the deflector, allowing for faster and easier cleaning and changeover."

All of Guill's crossheads come with tool kit and operator's manual.

Additional information about the Micro Medical and 500 Series crossheads is available by contacting Sales Manager Bill Conley at 401-828-7600 or

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