Plastic material Basic Introduction

- Oct 17, 2019-

◆ Thermoplastics -- plastics that can be softened and hardened by repeated heating over a specified temperature range and whose molecular structure is linear or branched.(reversible process)

◆ Thermosetting plastics -- plastics that can be solidified into insoluble substances under heat or other conditions, and whose molecular structure is finally the body structure.(change course is irreversible)         

◆ Resin -- point to be heated when there is melting range normally, suffer external force action to have fluidity, the macromolecule polymer that shows solid state or liquid state below normal temperature, it is plastic the most basic, also be the most important composition, its content in plastic is in 40% ~ 100% commonly.The main composition of plastics determines the type and basic properties of plastics.

◆Functions of Resin:

(1) Glue other component materials

(2) Give plastic plasticity and fluidity

◆Functions of Filler:

Important but not essential components;Function :(20~50%)

Reduce resin consumption, reduce plastic cost;

Improve some properties of plastics and expand the application range of plastics.