Rubber and Plastic Technology

- Sep 04, 2019-

Molding Technology: Generally, the powder, the granular, the flaky, or even first made into a similar shape of the product blank, putting into the mold cavity of the heating mold, and then close the mold and put pressure on, making it formation and curing or vulcanization, and then finally the product comes out after demolding. This process is especially suitable for forming thermosetting materials.  

Extrusion Technology: In plastic processing, it is known as extrusion molding or extrusion, it is known as pressure out in rubber processing. It refers to a processing method that the material is made into various cross section products or semi-products continuously through the head of the extruder through the action between the barrel and the screw while being thermoplasticized and pushed forward by the screw. 

Casting Technology: It is a kind of liquid PU material that is poured into the mold with heating curing through certain technological ratio. After demolding, it goes through the long time vulcanization process and finally comes into being.