Rubber Bonded Metal Parts

- Sep 20, 2019-

Rubber Bonded Metal Parts refers to rubber molding with iron, usually rubber cover the iron in the process of production. 

According to the material classification, the main products are nitrile rubber bonded metal, silicone rubber bonded metal, neoprene bonded metal, natural rubber bonded metal, fluorine rubber bonded metal, butyl rubber bonded metal etc.

According to physical properties, the main products are high temperature resistant rubber bonded metal parts, wear resistant rubber bonded metal parts, low temperature resistant rubber bonded metal parts, oil resistant rubber bonded metal parts, aging resistant rubber bonded metal parts, acid and alkali resistant rubber bonded metal parts, ozone resistant rubber bonded metal parts.

The color is usually black, but can also be made transparent, green, blue, purple, red and other colors.Dimensions can be customized according to customer supplied samples or drawings.

The metal parts are usually made of iron and copper. Now the products have been applied to aviation, medical equipment and other high-tech fields.

Rubber bonded metal parts have passed environmental ROHS certification, food grade FDA certification.

At present, the main rubber covering parts are: rubber covering metal bar, rubber covering metal parts, rubber covering rubber, rubber cloth, rubber covering plastic parts, rubber covering nylon, rubber covering teflon, rubber covering teflon, and so on.