Silicone rubber products will smell harmful to human body

- Aug 09, 2018-

  Silicone rubber products exhibit odor and people are used to it, but the problem of smelling silica gel is a problem that many people care about. Because silicone raw materials are based on the basis of non-toxic environmentally friendly raw materials, they will not present odor problems! Then the question comes from some silicone products gifts, what is the cause of the odor phenomenon of the users of silicone daily necessities? Will the odor appear to cause harm?

  The basis of scientific experiments is absolutely true. The raw materials of silica gel are generally divided into silicone oil, silicone resin and white carbon black. At the same time as the solid rubber is refined, it is required to add a reinforcing agent, and the solid coagulant is mixed to become a semi-transparent solid raw material. Adding color paste and vulcanizing agent to knead into a moldable compound, and finally forming it at a high temperature of 200 degrees! It is also inevitable that the phenomenon of scenting in the pressed and fixed-line products through repeated mixing and fusion.

  However, the problem of odor can be filtered by the manufacturer of silica gel products by secondary vulcanization. The odor and the added components in the product are removed to keep the product environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Therefore, the silicone product you purchased is probably not in the second. Sub-vulcanization removes the odor and then causes the odor to appear after a long period of sealing. The odor will gradually disappear after a few days of odor.

  Therefore, we are now informing you that the silicone products that exhibit odor can be used with confidence. Experiments show that the odor of silica gel does not cause damage to the human body. Because it is still a function that retains the cause, it does not conflict with any substance except strong alkali. In addition to acid, if you accidentally swallow it in your mouth, it will remain intact and without any reaction!