silicone sponge

- Sep 02, 2019-

   Extruded Silicone Sponge  Extruded silicone sponge is a resilient, flexible, high temperature gasket material supplied in coils or long rolls.   One of the advantages of the extrusion process is the sponge is supplied with a skin on all 4 sides and because the extrusion process is a continuous process, the sponge gasket material can be supplied in long lengths.   In addition the extruded profile has a relatively smooth surface finish and the density of the material is uniform throughout the profile.

   The silicone material withstands both high and low temperatures and is used in a number of applications.  Extruded silicone sponge may be suitable for aerospace, military, medical, food processing, automotive, electrical and industrial applications.  Our high temperature formula lasts longer than the competition in high temperature industrial oven applications.