The profound impact of silicone rubber products in all walks of life

- Aug 02, 2018-

  Silicone rubber products have unique irreplaceable and powerful properties. Nowadays, they are quoted in various industries. As long as they can be used with rubber and plastic products, the performance of silicone active agents can be used. Today, the most comprehensive industry is brought. Application Guide.

1. Application of silicone rubber products in daily chemical products

  Because silicone surfactants have many advantages such as non-toxic, no skin irritation, anti-oxidation, UV protection, good biocompatibility, excellent waterproof and breathable properties, etc., they are used in cosmetics, shampoo and hair care products, creams. There are a certain degree of application in products and products. Silicone surfactants are beneficial to the spread of cosmetics on the skin and hair surface due to their low surface tension and suitable viscosity. They can improve the moisturizing and retention of cosmetics on the skin, and maintain the normal breathability of the skin. Hair is shiny, easy to comb, smooth, antistatic and soft.

2. Application of silicone rubber products in textile industry

  Silicone surfactants have antistatic properties, softness, good bactericidal and disinfecting properties, and give the fibers a good softening effect. Cationic silicone surfactant is mainly used as an antistatic agent and softener in the textile industry. The quaternary ammonium salt type cationic silicone surfactant is used for the sanitary finishing of fiber products, and has good sterilization and anti-mildew effects. And safe and durable.

3. Application of silicone rubber products in pesticides

  In the pesticide processing, adding 0.05% - 0.1% (mass fraction) of silicone surfactant as an auxiliary agent can optimize the physical properties and chemical stability of the preparation, increase the variety of preparations, and expand the application range. The leaf and stem epidermis of plants often have anti-wetting ingredients or structures, and often have a negative charge, which has a repulsive effect on the pesticide liquid, and the addition of the silicone surfactant can promote the smooth attachment of the pesticide preparation on the plant. Maintenance, spreading and penetration play a key role in improving the efficacy of the drug. Silicone surfactants reduce the surface tension and allow water to penetrate into the insect's trachea, causing it to die, acting as an insecticide.

4. Application of silicone rubber products in food and medicine

  Silicone defoamer is prepared by modifying polysiloxane as main component and adding various non-ionic surfactants. It has excellent defoaming performance, low dosage, convenient use, non-toxic, no Corrosive, good defoaming and foam suppression for MSG, soy products and foams produced in antibiotic production.

5. Application of silicone rubber products in leather chemicals

  Silicone surfactants can be used primarily as fatliquors and softeners in leather because of their good lubricity and water resistance. The silicone fatliquor prepared by graft copolymerization with the grease solves the problem that the silicon-containing surfactant is easy to migrate outward and reduces the amount of the fatliquor and reduces the cost. The leather fiber impregnated with the silicone surfactant is dispersed, has good lubricating properties, and is soft in leather, especially suitable for garment leather and upper leather, and can also be used for fur manufacturing. The aminopolyether co-modified silicone surfactant is used as a fatliquor to achieve a satisfactory degree of softness and hydrophilicity. In addition, it can also be used as a finishing agent, a waterproofing agent, an enzyme preparation, and the leather is soft, Bright, oily.

6. Application in machining

  In the production, use and maintenance of metal products, it is necessary to clean all kinds of dirt attached to the surface (such as metal chips, cutting fluid, abrasives and various greases during processing, dust and acid, alkali, salt, etc. Electrolyte and hand sweat, etc.) to ensure the internal and surface quality of the product and prolong the service life. Silicone surfactant cleaning agent has good cleaning performance and strong detergency. It can not only eliminate oil stain on metal surface, but also clean hands sweat, inorganic salt and other dirt. In addition, it is non-flammable, non-toxic and safe to use. And good corrosion and corrosion resistance, can also save energy, reduce environmental pollution, suitable for mechanized automatic cleaning.

7. Application of silicone rubber products in plastics industry

  Silicone surfactant plays an important role in the production process of polyurethane foam, such as system dispersion, bubble growth, bubble stabilization and gas chamber opening. It is a good foam stabilizer for polyurethane foam. Polyurethane soft foam, hard foam, semi-rigid foam and high resilience foam can be produced by using the surface activity. In addition, as a flame retardant silicone foam stabilizer, the application in polyurethane foam is also becoming wider and wider.