Motor PA66 Injection Part

Motor PA66 Injection Part

After more than 40 years and with hundreds of different products made, BRP has perfected its plastics manufacturing process . Along the way, we’ve developed our own line of high quality, high demand OEM components regularly manufactured in our 44,000 square foot facility. These products are...
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PA 66- Nylon 66


Nylons are semi-crystalline polymers with a good range of properties. Nylons are widely used because they have a good cost to performance ratio. Lower numbered nylons, 6 ,6-6, 4-6, absorb moisture and change their properties as a result.

Nylons have been compounded with reinforcements, fillers and additives to produce a very wide variety of properties. Nylon 6-6 offers better properties than nylon 6 without being as costly as nylon 4-6. It has the best abrasion resistance of all nylons. Verton, long glass fiber filled materials, by LNP, are excellent metal replacement materials.


Properties at a Glance

Max Temp.Chemical ResistanceTensile StrengthFlexural ModulusImpact Strength
220°-350° F(93°-177° C)Good to Excellent8,000-24,000 psi430,000-1,100,000 psi2-8 ft-lb/in notched izod






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