PBT+20GF Plastic Part

After more than 40 years and with hundreds of different products made, BRP has perfected its plastics manufacturing process . Along the way, we’ve developed our own line of high quality, high demand OEM components regularly manufactured in our 44,000 square foot facility. These products are...
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Balances superior wear and moisture resistance in both wet and dry environments.

Approved by the FDA and USDA for use in food contact parts, PBT offers an ideal balance of wear resistance, moisture resistance, strength and toughness. It is also versatile enough to meet demanding electronic manufacturing requirements for dimensional stability, impact resistance and rigidity. PBT is easily machined and fabricated, and, when internally lubricated, reduces friction in high-speed wear applications.


  • Polybutylene terephthalate

  • Unreinforced thermoplastic polyester

  • Semi-crystalline


  • Excellent rigidity, strength and toughness to 225°F continuous use

  • Superior impact and wear resistance

  • Dimensionally stable

  • Superior chemical resistance

  • Good weather and UV resistance

  • Virtually no moisture absorption

  • High flexural modulus

  • FDA, USDA, NSF and 3A Dairy compliant


  • Pistons, valves, and screws

  • Bushings, bearings and gears

  • Water purification systems

  • Food handling equipment and product forming dies

  • Printing equipment

  • Wear strips

  • Pump components

  • Electrical insulator


  • Food and dairy processing

  • Material and fluid handling

  • Electronics manufacturing

  • Automotive

  • Textile production





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