TPU Injection Plastic Parts

TPE, TPU, and TPV elastomers are rubber or rubber-like plastic materials that are ideal for a wide range of injection molded parts and products that require a soft feel.
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1.Advantages of TPEs & TPUs

Thermoplastic elastomers and thermoplastic polyurethanes exhibit a number of beneficial characteristics that make them ideal for use in injection molding processes. Advantages of TPEs and TPUs include:

Little to no compounding required

No stabilizers, cure systems or reinforcing agents required

Improved consistency

Excellent colorability

Energy efficient

2.Overmolding with TPE, TPU & TPV Materials

The softness of TPE, TPU, and TPV elastomers can make it difficult to properly bond them to harder substrates via overmolding. Fortunately, JG Plastics are experts at overmolding, and can produce complex overmolded parts for myriad industries and applications using these specialty materials. We have the skills and expertise to maintain the tight tolerances overmolded products require, no matter how complex your designs.




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