Custom ABS Multi-color Plastic Handle

Plastic accessories for lifting utensils and handle of utensils are convenient for lifting and pushing objects.
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Any Pantone color




Compression molding




Inner plastic bag, outside carton


OEM services, free samples are available

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15-20 days after order confirmed


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Product Application 

Telescopic type

The use of retractable handles can make the hand feel comfortable. It can be raised and arched after lifting. It can be retracted and flattened after lowering. The retractable and flattened ensures beautiful appearance. At the same time, it can also facilitate the centralized stacking of products. According to packaging design, load-bearing, grade and other elements, it can choose matching plastic handles for use: suitable for cartons, cartons, gift boxes, traveling boxes and other high-and middle-grade packaging.

Composition materials: PP (polypropylene) PE (polyethylene). PVC (polyvinyl chloride) ABS, etc.

Category 1: Opening and telescopic plastic handle for carton (PP, PE series)

Class 2: High-grade bags and luggage flexible plastic handle (PVC, PP, ABS, zinc alloy series)

inversional type

The switching handle is convenient for emergency lifting, the 180-degree switching space is convenient for alternating left and right hands, and it does not occupy space after use. The total length of the commonly used box handles is basically within 20 cm. The arc handle allows the handlebars to have enough space and is beautiful and reliable.

Usage: Applicable toolbox, equipment, chassis, etc.

Composition materials: PP (polypropylene), ABS, etc.

Closing button type

It is easy to fix the opening position of cardboard boxes with buttoned handles, which are not easy to be damaged. The two sides of boxes or bags need to be opened to facilitate the closure of handles. Generally, four pieces of handles are needed for boxes or bags. When choosing such handles, attention should be paid to opening according to the actual sample of the handles.

Application: suitable for cartons, cartons, film bags, woven bags, non-woven bags, rice bags and other cases.

Composition materials: PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene), etc.

Heat sealing type

When using heat-closing handle, it is necessary to fix the handle at the opening of the bag by high-temperature bonding, strengthen the gravity bearing capacity of the bag, which is not easy to be damaged, and make the bag beautiful as a whole and can save space by centralized stacking.

Uses: BOPP film bags, shopping bags, woven bags, etc.

Composition materials: PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene), etc.

Sewing type

Sewing machine is used to fix the sewing handle at the opening of the bag. After installation, the force at the opening of the bag is strengthened and the relative bearing force is strengthened. At the same time, when making the bag, the sewing machine is used to install the handle in a one-stop fashion, which saves time and labor, and the style of the handle is beautiful and generous.

Usage: commonly used in shopping bag, environmental protection bag, suit bag, non-woven bag.

Component materials: PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), etc.

Fixed type

The shape of fixed plastic handle is common in arch shape. It is necessary to fix the two ends of the handle on utensils, such as tool box fixed handle. The two ends of the arch handle are inlaid with tapping threaded holes (metal parts), and the handle and the box are fixed by screw. Beautiful design, strong and durable.

Usage: Electrical toolbox, welding machine, etc.

Composition materials: PP, ABS, alloy, etc.

Our Sevice 

1、OEM size to suit for customers' requirment

2、Various hardness for your choice

3、Multiple color available

4、Custom logo accepted ( engraved & embossed)

5、Large quantity order are able to be fulfilled

6、Strict quality control system

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