TPU Injection Plastic Products

Style:custom according to drawing or sample
Packing:Carton,Plastic bag,Wooden case,Wood pallet
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Style:custom according to drawing or sample 


Packing:Carton,Plastic bag,Wooden case,Wood pallet 

Scope of application:Mobile phone case, automobile parts, ball type coupling; dust cover; pedal brake; door lock striker; bushing, leaf spring bushing; bearing; anti-vibration parts; interior and exterior decoration parts;

Mechanical and industrial parts, various gears; seals (mainly for wear and oil resistance); anti-vibration parts; mold pins; bushings; bearing caps; connectors; rubber screens;


Properties of TPU:

1, wear resistance

When the material is often subjected to mechanical action such as friction, scraping, and frustration during use, it will cause the surface to wear gradually, so the choice of material wear is very important. TPU plastic raw materials have excellent wear resistance and are more than five times more wear-resistant than natural rubber. It is one of the preferred materials for wear-resistant products.

2, tensile properties

The tensile strength is up to 70 MPa and the elongation at break can be as high as 1000%.

3, tear performance

When the elastomer is applied, the damage caused by the expansion of the crack is called tearing. The tear strength is the ability of the material to resist the tearing effect; in general, the TPU has high tear resistance, tear strength and some commonly used Rubber and plastic are quite excellent.

4, inflection performance

Many plastic materials are prone to breakage under repeated cyclic stress. TPU products can maintain excellent fracture resistance under different environments, and are one of the best choices for polymer materials.

5, hydrolysis resistance

TPU has good water resistance under turbidity, and no obvious hydrolysis occurs in 1 to 2 years, especially in the polyether series. The polyester series is immersed in 50 ° C water for half a year or 70 ° C for 3 weeks or 100 ° C for 3 to 4 days, it will completely decompose. This is one of the reasons why TPU is suitable as an environmentally friendly material. It is recommended to use the polyether series.

6, high temperature and oxidation resistance

The general plastic raw materials are easily oxidized in the environment above 70 ° C for a long time, and the TPU has good oxidation resistance; in general, the temperature resistance of the TPU can reach 120 ° C.

7, oil and chemical resistance

TPU is a kind of strong polar polymer material with low affinity with non-polar mineral oil. It is almost in fuel oil (such as kerosene, gasoline) and mechanical oil (such as hydraulic oil, engine oil, lubricating oil, etc.). It is not eroded; among them, the polyester products of TPU products are better in oil resistance; the TPU film and sheet have little change in volume of grease, and the tensile strength is even higher than the original initial value; If a small amount of water is contained in the mineral oil, it will have different degrees of negative effects on the physical properties of the film.

8, low temperature performance

TPU has very good low temperature resistance, usually can reach -50 °C, can replace the general field of PVC can not be applied due to low temperature embrittlement, especially suitable for cold-related products.

9, air tightness

TPU is very easy to weld with high frequency or hot pressing, so it is widely used in inflatable products. The gas coefficient refers to the rate at which a gas passes through a predetermined area of a sample at a certain temperature and pressure. The transmittance of the same material to different gases sometimes varies greatly. In general, polyester series products are more airtight than polyether series.

10. Biomedical performance

TPU has excellent biocompatibility, non-toxicity, no allergic reaction, no local irritation, and no pyrogenicity. Therefore, it is widely used in medical, health and other related products as well as sports and protective equipment.




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