TPV Injection Plastic Products

Style:custom according to drawing or sample
Packing:Carton,Plastic bag,Wooden case,Wood pallet
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Product Details

Style:custom according to drawing or sample 


Packing:Wooden case,Wood pallet,Carton,Plastic bag


Scope of application:

1. Car seals and seals series;

2. Automobile dust cover, fender, ventilation pipe, buffer, bellows, intake pipe, etc.;

3, car high voltage ignition line. Can withstand 30-40KV voltage, can meet UL94 V0 flame retardant requirements;

Injection molding products general production process:

The plastic is heated and melted by an injection molding machine, and then injected into a cavity of a molding die, cooled, cooled, melted, and then demolded, and injection molded by injection molding.


Properties of TPV:

1.Good elasticity and compression set resistance, environmental resistance and aging resistance are equivalent to EPDM rubber, and its oil and solvent resistance is comparable to general-purpose neoprene.

2.the application temperature range is wide (– 60-150 ° C), soft hardness application range (25A-54D), the advantages of easy dyeing greatly improve the freedom of product design.

3.excellent processing performance: can be processed by injection molding, extrusion and other thermoplastic processing methods, efficient, simple and easy, no need to add equipment, high fluidity, small shrinkage., environmentally friendly, recyclable, and repeated use of six times without significant decline in performance, in line with EU environmental requirements.

5.light weight (0.90-0.97), uniform appearance quality, high surface quality, feel good.




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