Application Of High Quality Rubber Seals In The Modern Field

- Jul 18, 2018-

  High-quality rubber seals are available in a variety of materials, such as silicone, EPDM, and chloroprene. They are suitable for liquid gas sealing of various large-scale chemical and household items according to their performance characteristics, and can completely isolate the contact between the carrier and the outside. Save items effectively. High quality rubber seals for transportation: in the shipbuilding industry. Hydraulic system silicone seal, oil seal, car brake cap. Leather bowl. Hose. Foamed silicone seals, shaft seals for exhaust systems. Spark plug. Ignition line. Piston ring. Rotor engine dynamic "O" ring.

  High-quality rubber seals in the radio, motor: telecommunications industry: TV and oscilloscope high-pressure cap. Sealing ring in contact with gas. Insulated bushing switch shielding, computer, telephone surface conductive rubber sheet, keyboard switch, varistor and so on. Silicone sealing head. Insulation of Moto stator coils. High-quality rubber seals for use in the instrument and instrument industries: various silicone rubber leads (for capacitive illuminators, coils). transformer. The transformer acts as a lead) refrigerator defrost line. Heating wire, etc. Sensitive component diaphragms in various regulators, instrument heaters, needle-resistant rubber sheets (silicone rubber). Instrument shock absorber. Silicone foam shade for indicator light. Drying box. Electric furnace. Far infrared heater door seals, blades. Sponge door seals (rather than toxic asbestos-sealed doors). Sealing of boiler sealed refrigeration unit and silicone tube.

  The application of high quality rubber seals in the instrumentation industry: various silicone rubber filaments (for electroluminescence, coils). The diaphragm such as the heater wire is used for the adjuster of various sensitive components, the instrument heating plate, and the rubber plate for the needle (Gaupus silicone rubber). Instrument shock absorber. Indicator silicone foam lights set. Drying box. Electric furnace. The far infrared heater door is sealed and inlaid. AOTEMAKE sponge door seal (replace toxic asbestos door seal). The seal of the boiler. Sealing of the refrigeration unit and silicone hose.