Business Negotiation Of Rubber Pipe Bending

- Jun 11, 2019-

We warmly welcome our partner Kiely from Ireland and his assistant Mr Zhou to come to our company to discuss business. We talked with Mr Kiely in the conference room and exchanged various details of the eight rubber elbows he wanted, Including the material and characteristics of EPDM, Such as the forming process of rubber elbows, The quantity and price changes required each year, and the quality control of rubber tubes in our company. Our company Silvia and Emily have recorded the customer's concerns and answered them in detail. Mr Kiely and his assistant Mr. Zhou then visited our sample room. There are many samples in our sample room, Such as Rubber moulding parts, Rubber extrusion parts, Rubber shock absorbers, Rubber tubes, Rubber foaming products, Rubber bellows and various plastic products. Mr. Kiely nodded to our products constantly, and from time to time asked about one of our products. Finally, We had a good time. The interview was accepted. I wish Mr Kiely and my company a pleasant cooperation.