Cleaning Method For Automotive Rubber Parts Of Customized Rubber Parts

- Jul 16, 2018-

  Cars have become a time-saving and labor-saving means of transportation. More and more people have bought cars, so more and more people will go to the car wash to wash cars, but many car owners often ignore custom rubber parts while washing cars. Knowing that dirty parts not only affect the life of the car, but also cause traffic accidents and make rubber parts. No, custom rubber parts have also protested themselves. Let's look at the consequences of unclean rubber parts.

  Perhaps many drivers and car owners will not pay special attention to the cleaning of custom rubber parts. Custom rubber parts are reminded because industry insiders tell reporters that taxi car washing is more than a private car washing process, which is to wipe the car's inner hood and engine parts. surface. It can be seen that the taxi driver is also very careful. However, it can be seen that most car owners do not know enough about the role of custom rubber parts cleaning. When washing cars in a car beauty shop, they never wipe the hood by the master, let alone clean the parts.

  In fact, it is necessary to clean the custom rubber parts. If the parts are too dirty, it will not only affect the service life of the car, but even cause traffic accidents. Remind the owner that if the air filter is too dirty, the amount of air entering the cylinder will be reduced, resulting in a decrease in the power performance of the car, and the speed will not increase. If the filter is unclear, fine dust will enter the cylinder and the piston and the cylinder will be The wear is increased, which reduces the overall life of the engine.

  And if the custom rubber parts are not cleaned, just like a blocked filter will prevent and reduce the air entering the evaporation box, affecting the cooling effect of the air conditioner. Including the water tank should be cleaned in time. If it is not cleaned in time, it will directly affect the heat dissipation function of the water tank and the condenser, and the engine temperature will be too high or even open. It may even cause the piston to dissipate between the piston and the cylinder. The expansion is too large, and the gap between the piston and the cylinder is reduced or even disappeared, resulting in a hard pull, causing the cylinder to be pulled.

  If the injector is not clean for a long time, it will be affected by impurities, exhaust gas, etc., resulting in blockage of the injection hole or poor spray atomization. It can be seen that so many parts do not clean the consequences of car rubber parts. Therefore, the owner of the car, the car owner usually wash the car, not only need to wipe the surface of the car hood and parts (wipe with a wrung cloth, too wet and easy to cause short circuit), but also need to go to professional repair, beauty shop custom rubber Parts are cleaned, especially after a long journey.