Customized Rubber Parts For Superior Performance

- Jul 24, 2018-

  The custom rubber parts are made of rubber rubber and mixed with rubber. The rubber is made from the rubber. The rubber is used to make the formula according to the characteristics of the rubber parts required, and the required hardness of the product is determined. The product is molded and molded by a rubber flat vulcanizing machine. After the product is formed, it is finally subjected to flash processing to smooth the surface of the product without burrs.

  Rubber is a hot-melt thermosetting elastomer, and plastic is hot-melt and cold-set. Because of the different types of sulfides, the temperature range of the curing of rubber is also quite different, even due to climate change, indoor temperature and humidity. Therefore, the production conditions of custom rubber parts need to be adjusted at any time. If not, the quality of custom rubber parts may be different.

  When the customized rubber parts are molded, after the large pressure is pressed, the cohesive force prepared by the elastic body cannot be eliminated, and when the mold is released from the mold, the extremely unstable shrinkage is often generated, and it is necessary to be stable after a period of time. Therefore, when a custom rubber part is designed, regardless of the formula or mold, it is necessary to carefully calculate the fit. If not, it is easy to produce custom rubber parts that are unstable in size, resulting in low quality of custom rubber parts.