Development Process Of Rubber Industry

- Sep 11, 2019-

Our rubber enterprises actively implement the national strategy of" One Belt One Road ", and have the loving care of the country's leaders in recent years.

2018 Development Process of Rubber Industry

1. Economic operation of rubber industry remains stable.

2. International trade friction aggravates the difficulty of export. 

3. Rubber industry merger and reorganization of the more active. 

4. Factories overseas layout to speed up the pace of globalization. 

5. A number of preferential policies industry enjoy bonuses. 

6. Second pollution census survey to determine the production of rubber industry sewage accounting methods. 

7. The direction of intelligent manufacturing industry technology upgrade. 

8. Green production effective environmental management. 

9. Major breakthroughs were made in micro chemical industrialization technology. 

10. Rubber association, strengthen group standard lead industry technology progress.