Exploring The Reasons For The Deformation Of Silicone Products?

- Sep 25, 2019-

Silicone products are silicone rubbers in synthetic rubber. He mainly belongs to a kind of solid silica gel with strong viscoelasticity. It is also known that silicone products are not deformed forever. If they are not rebounded for a long time, deformation will occur. The main deformation phenomenon is determined by the hardness of the silicone rubber product. The softer the material deformation is, the deformation resilience of the silicone seal is very important in industrial equipment. The elongation is very important for a seal. Factors, if the elongation rate is lost and deformation occurs, it should be replaced in time to avoid unnecessary accidents, and the deformation of the silicone products is mainly caused by the following conditions.

1. Long-term work does not move and causes permanent deformation. Long-term use under high-pressure conditions, the deformation is more obvious for harder materials, whether it is silicone buttons or silicone miscellaneous pieces.

2. The effect of the stretch rate. General silicone rubber pull