France Customers Visit Our Factory

- Nov 06, 2019-

Yesterday(2019/11/5), our two France customers who will work with us to make rubber parts, especially for the rubber seals and FKM gaskets. We got up early than normal days as the customers came to Hangzhou East station early(arrival at 08:00am) from Shanghai, our company drove the car to pick them up, but there happened a little accident that we missed each other at the arrival gate, we spent 30 mins to find each other. 

After meeting, we drove them to our Hangzhou office directly to have a meeting with our manager and had a look at our samples in our samples room(all different shapes rubber&plastic parts).

And then, we drove them to our Anhui Factory on-the-spot investigaion, which cost two hours.Before going to factory, we went to the hotel to have lunch, which cost one hour. We spend one hour visiting the factory and explained some things to customers, such as the molding machine, the vulcanaizing machine, the cutting machine, the inspection and the packing. Our customers are satisfied with our products.

As customers have get the train ticket already, at 18:30pm, we need to depart at 15:00 from our factory to Hangzhou East station, we drove two hours, more quickly as we haven`t happen the traffic jam.

After Goodbye to our customers, we drove back to our office.

Only one day is very tight, but we had a pleasant day with our nice customers, they are nice and always give us the warm smile, our communication is going smooth.Hope we can have a next meeting and more cooperations.