High Quality Rubber Seals Leak Because Of The Difference In Concentration Between The Inside And The Outside

- Jul 19, 2018-

  High-quality rubber seals are a very good sealing product. If you use high-quality rubber seals for leaks, you can check whether the pressure difference or concentration difference between the inner and outer sides makes the fluid flow, and the sealing surface. Is there a gap that causes the fluid to overflow?

  The principle of action is different for different types of seals. The static seal relies on the gap between the closed joint faces to achieve the sealing effect; while the dynamic seal cannot rely solely on the gap between the closed joint faces to achieve the seal, because the closer the gap is, the greater the frictional resistance of the dual surface when it moves relative to each other, resulting in a combination The surface heat is generated, so that the seal is quickly invalidated. Therefore, the main point of the dynamic sealing principle is that it can maintain the seal without generating large frictional resistance, including reducing the pressure difference between the two sides of the seal and maintaining a fluid lubricating film between the joint surfaces.

Interface leak

  Insufficient gasket compression stress, rough flange sealing surface, thermal deformation of the pipe, mechanical deformation and vibration can cause leakage between the gasket and the flange sealing surface. This leakage between the gasket and the flange sealing surface is called interface leakage.

Osmotic leak

  Non-metallic gaskets are usually made of vegetable fibers, animal fibers, mineral fibers or chemical fibers bonded to rubber, or made of porous materials such as flexible graphite. Due to its loose structure and poor compactness, there are numerous tiny gaps between the fibers and the fibers, which are easily penetrated by the medium. Especially under pressure, the medium will permeate through the pores inside the material. This leakage, which occurs inside the gasket material, is called a permeation leak.