How To Qualify The Rubber Quality

- Sep 04, 2019-

Rubber parts can be used in various forms in various industries, but the premise is to ensure the quality, in fact, on this point, the manufacturers of rubber parts think of a lot of ways to ensure, I believe that these knowledge will be useful to everyone.

Simple judgement from the appearance and size of rubber parts, but some properties from the appearance is difficult to distinguish, so needs to further performance test, such as rubber parts of gasoline resistance, lubricity, resistance, aging resistance, in particular environment put the samples to the corresponding test in the liquid through determination of the hardness value, stretch your's strength and breaking stretch's strength, after calculation, god's rate, breaking the reach Bi rate value, hardness change and volume change rate to identify the quality of the rubber parts.

In addition, the low temperature brittleness, low temperature, wear resistance, tensile properties of rubber can be obtained by testing, so the results are relatively accurate.Only qualified in all aspects of rubber parts, quality can be guaranteed, to meet our needs.