- Sep 25, 2019-

On September 19, the grand launch ceremony of Mesnac’s TPRO-S Uni-stageThree-drum TBR tire building machine was held in Shanghai, China. TPRO-S has the highest daily outcome compared to other similar models worldwide. Productivity was increased by 40 percent compared with other traditional machines, and helps customers increase revenue by about 30 million RMB each year. Once released, TPRO-S gained eight orders during one day, creating a new record for Mesnac product sales. Mesnac started to develop the very first two-drum TBR tire building machine in 2002. Up to now, there have been five generations of TBR tire building machines and Mesnac has produced altogether 1,100 units of them. Based on the above achievements and with 32 experts’ participation, the Mesnac TBR team successfully developed this smart building machine, TPRO-S, with five core technologies, 25 technical patents and 37 technical innovations after two years of research and development, which is a creative invention in China, and advanced level in the world. Wu Shoutao, general manager of TBR and the OTR Tire Building Machine Division, said that with the development of society and the tire industry, the market has increasingly higher requirements for tire building quality, tailored building technology, productivity and performance-price ratio. In response to such needs, Mesnac puts forward the TPRO-S with its focus on improving tire quality. The research and development team of Mesnac spent a lot of time in studying the tire production process, research tire dynamic balance and uniformity. After the team’s good understanding of tire production, they started to research and design tire building machines. The measured data show that the team has achieved the expected results. Compared with ZCX3, the Mesnac TPRO-S is expected to become the next popular product in the market of tire building. Specifically, the TPRO-S model has achieved leap-forward improvements in four aspects in response to relative market demands. Tire quality has been improved and uniformity and dynamics are increased by more than 15 percent. Focusing on the positioning precision of each semi-finished parts in tire production and how to maintain the roundness of the tires during the building process, TPRO-S has mainly solved the problem of how to improve the dynamic balance and uniformity in tire shaping process. In contrast to the previous generation of tire building machines, the dynamic balance result has increased by 20 percent and uniformity by 15 percent, as TPRO-S can ensure the quality of every tire to conform to those criteria, including accurate conveying, precise lamination, quality joint, accurate delivery and solid rolling pressure in the process of tire building. Besides, the reliability of the equipment has been improved to the extent that there is no need to do any maintenance in six months. Combined with the past manufacturing practice, Mesnac has developed and delivered 174 enterprise standards in 10 major fields of tire building machines, covering every procedure in the life cycle of basic norms of research and development, model selection, processing, installation and commissioning. The size of a bolt, operating conditions, anti-loosening measures, tightening torque and labeling all have standards to follow in order to be standardized and refined and to improve product quality and reliability in every detail, which makes the maintenance cycle of equipment extend to more than six months and the longest single maintenance time less than six hours. Moreover, productivity has been improved, resulting in a high level daily output in the world. Through the analysis of each step in the tire building process, using the motion control principle based on the time axis, analyzing and optimizing the machine action and the manual operation time, the single cycling time of three-drum tire building machines has been reduced to less than 150 seconds. At the same time, through the application of intelligent tooling to effectively solve the various sizes with small batch production in tire factories, TPRO-S has significantly reduced the time in size change and improved the whole productivity in tire factories.