Nynas Launches Process Oil For Silicone Fluid Replacement

- Jul 09, 2019-

STOCKHOLM—Nynas A.B. has introduced a hydrotreated, very low viscosity naphthenic process oil as a "reliable and cost-efficient" alternative to traditional silicone fluids.

Nyflex 2120B is a hydrocarbon fluid characterized by its solvent power and fluidity, Nynas said in a June 17 statement.

The high-purity oil has naphthenic characteristics, making it compatible with a wide range of resins used in heatset printing inks, including C5 and C9 resins.

In addition, the oil has been designed for use in silicone sealant formulations.

The product's fluidity, solvency, and prevention of bacterial growth make it an alternative to traditional silicone fluids, according to Ghislain de Quatrebarbes, Nynas' market manager for the chemical industry.

"With a tight supply straining the market and causing difficulties for many silicone sealant producers, Nynas is providing the solution," de Quatrebarbes said.